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Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Grand Finale Season 13: Celebrating Women’s Empowerment and Diversity

New Delhi (India), May 29: Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide, a prestigious beauty pageant honoring the strength, grace, and beauty of married women, recently concluded its highly anticipated Season 13. The magnificent grand finale took place on May 9th, 2024, at the esteemed Ajman Hotel, UAE. 

The event showcased the remarkable talent, grace, and empowerment of women worldwide. Its grand finale sparkled with the presence of esteemed personalities from the entertainment industry and accomplished professionals. Chaired by Mr. Bharat K Bhramar, the panel of judges included Sylvie Rodgers (Celebrity Hair Designer), Tisca Chopra (Actress), Amisha Sethi (Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Winner 2021), Reshma Vipin Nambiar (International Zone Winner of Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2022), Aparajita Sinha (Winner of Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2023), Rakhi Saha (Winner of the Fire Element title at Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2023), Manjari Priya Gupta (Winner of the Earth Element title at Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2021), Ronny Kaula (Ace Fashion Photographer), and Ruchika Malhotra (Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Winner 2022). The show unfolded under the masterful choreography and direction of the talented Alison A Woodham, complemented by the exquisite styling expertise of Anjali Sahani. Our skin partner was Skin Plus, Make-up partners were Aisha & Makeup by Balwinder. And lastly, our makeup and hair partner was Keywest Academy. 

Following a fierce competition and outstanding performances, the prestigious title of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide Season 13 was bestowed upon Mousoumi Sinha Dutta. Hailing from Kolkata and currently residing in Amsterdam, Mousoumi Sinha Dutta brings with her a background in finance and supply chain. She has contributed significantly as a process specialist in the COVID-19 vaccine initiative. Additionally, she is the founder and choreographer of a dance group.

The elemental champions of Season 13 displayed extraordinary qualities and talents. Among them were Dr. Reshma Prakash (Water) from Asia, Dhanya Prasanna Ayer (Air)  from USA Midwest, Ruchika Chauhan (Fire)  from Canada, Bhumika Tyagi (Space)  from Middle East, and Mousumi Sinha Dutta (Earth) from Netherlands. 

Here are the country-wise winners of Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide Season 13:

INDIA – Winner: Sanskriti Jayaswal, First Runner Up: Mehak Aggarwal, Second Runner Up: Megha Soin. CANADA – Winner: Ruchika Chauhan, First Runner Up: Gargi Kapoor, Second Runner Up: Simerjit K Dhillon. SOUTH AFRICA – Winner: Natasha Mohunlal, First Runner Up: Archana Sridhar. ASIA – Winner: Dr. Reshma Prakash, First Runner Up: Priyanka Tahalani, Second Runner Up: Rani Srikantachari. UK – Winner: Ruchika Chauhan, First Runner Up: Aashika Naresh Damodar, Second Runner Up: Sheetal Dabas. NETHERLANDS – Winner: Mousumi Sinha Dutta, First Runner Up: Kashika Tongaria Khorwal, Second Runner Up: Bidisha Banerjee. GERMANY – Winner: Kiranmaie Mocherla, First Runner Up: Naiyaben Nayak, Second Runner Up: Akhila Heragu. DENMARK – Winner: Trupti Chintan Kharche. IRELAND – Winner: Shweta Das. LUXEMBOURG – Winner: Sapna Arora Malhotra. AUSTRALIA – Winner: Shivakshi Sharma, First Runner Up: Abhilasha Sharma, Second Runner Up: Mani Thakur. NEW ZEALAND – Winner: Sindhya Prakash Kirpalani. MIDDLE EAST – Winner: Bhumika Tyagi, First Runner Up: Meenakshi Jamwal, Second Runner Up: Thangam Pather Govender (Tammy). MEXICO – Winner: Julie Sulakshana Thallapally. USA WEST – Winner: Shivangee Chakraborty, First Runner Up: Anusuya Seeniappan, Second Runner Up: Shivani Malhotra. USA SOUTH – Winner: Payal Shah, First Runner Up: Sunaina Mohal, Second Runner Up: Anusha Patel Nujjetty. USA MIDWEST – Winner: Dhanya Prasanna Ayer, First Runner Up: Anshika Yadav, Second Runner Up: Sarvani Bassi. USA NORTHEAST – Winner: Nerisha Bedi, First Runner Up: Sunita Dholakia, Second Runner Up: Neha Banthia. US South West – Winner: Devshree Golecha, First Runner Up: Deepti Vats, Second Runner Up: Ramya Varma Ganapathiraju.

Apart from the main titles, numerous subtitle winners were acknowledged for their exceptional accomplishments. These accolades encompassed: Mrs. Iconic Eyes (Shivangi Chakraborty), Mrs. Perfect Smile (Kiranmaie Mocherla), Mrs. Glowing Skin (Payal Shah), Mrs. Beautiful Hair ( Najot Sanghera), Mrs. Adventurous (Ramya Verma),

Mrs. Intellectual (Dr. Manina Pathak), Mrs. Radiant (Niraja Patel), Mrs. Body Beautiful (Divya Ann Grace Varghese), Mrs. Timeless Beauty (Natasha Mohunlal), Mrs. Beautiful Legs  (Nimmie Vargliese), Mrs. Popular (Dr Suriya Ramachandran), Mrs. Creative (Aasha Thomas), Mrs. Spontaneous (Dr. Vashi Kashyap), Mrs. Gorgeous (Anshika Bhatia), Mrs. Style Icon (Ruchika Chauhan), Mrs. Charismatic (Sarvani Bassi) Mrs. Fashion Icon (Sanskriti Jaiswal), Mrs. Haute Couture (Kashika Tongaria), Mrs. Enthusiastic (Rani Srikantachari), Mrs. Perfect Catwalk (Nainy Mehra), Mrs. Photogenic (Ruchiee Sehdev), Mrs. Supranational (Deepti Vats), Mrs. Shining Star (Priyanka Tahalani), Mrs. Elegant (Dr. Reshma Prakash), Mrs. Glamorous (Nerisha Bedi), Mrs. Goodness Ambassador (Pooja Abrol), Mrs. Pathbreaker (Kavitha M Uthappa), Mrs. Inspiration (Rashmi Tiwari), Mrs. Iron Lady (Balheer Kaur Heer), Mrs. Active (Dr Deepa Singhal), Mrs. Tech Diva (Mani Thakur), Mrs. Best Water Baby (Sunila Dholakia), Mrs. Social Butterfly (Manali Shah), Mrs. Social Media Queen (Devshree Golecha), Mrs. Entertainer (Maitreyi Karnath), Mrs. Beautiful Heart (Simerjit K Dhillon), Mrs. Beautiful Voice (Dr Ummu Habeeba kaniyeri paramba), Mrs. Cheerful (Neha Banthia), Mrs. Ingenious (Naiyaben Nayak), Mrs. Buzzbee (Sabita Mahabier), Mrs. Hourglass (Mousami Sinha Dutta), Mrs. Content Creator (Sindhya Kriplani), Mrs. Beauty with Brains (Dr Laxmi Singh Shetty), Mrs. Confident (Neristra Bedi), Mrs. Congeniality (Mehak Aggarwal), Mrs. Travelite (Sapna Malhotra), Mrs. Gracious (Rimi Mandal), Mrs. Bold and Beautiful (Gargi kapoor), Mrs. Magnificent (Bhumika Tyagi), Mrs. Stunning (Sunaina Mohal), Mrs. Social Welfare (Poonam Hayre Khakh), Mrs. True Self (Anusuya Seeniappan), Mrs. Energetic (Meenakshi Jamwal), Mrs. Positive (Megha Soin), Mrs. Soft Spoken (Abhilasha Sharma), Mrs. Gizmo Queen (Hema Meshtha), Mrs. Talented (Sheetal Dabas), Mrs. Talented – First Runners Up (Bidisha Bannerjee), Mrs. Talented – Second Runners Up (Tammy Thangam). 

The grand finale of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide witnessed the participation of 104 contestants from 19 countries, showcasing diverse talent and beauty from around the globe. Each contestant brought her unique story and journey, enriching the essence of the pageant. More than just a beauty competition, Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is a dedicated platform for women’s empowerment. It champions causes that uplift and support women, offering them opportunities to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

The pageant aims to inspire and celebrate the strength and beauty of married women, who may have encountered obstacles in realizing their ambitions earlier in life. Mr. Bharat K Bhramar, the Chairman of Haut Monde India, expressed pride and gratitude for the remarkable journey of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide. He emphasized, “Our mission is to empower married women to soar high, providing them with a platform to shine and create a positive impact on the world.”

The success of Season 13 and the accomplishments of its contestants signify another significant milestone in the journey of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide. The platform continues to inspire and empower married women, fostering diversity, talent, and beauty with a purpose.

About Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide:

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is a prestigious beauty pageant celebrating the strength, grace, and talent of married women. It offers a global platform for married women to showcase their inner and outer beauty while making a positive impact on society. The pageant is renowned for its dedication to women’s empowerment, diversity, and excellence. 

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