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Phoenixx Artists: An Application Illuminating the Path to Stardom in Bollywood and Hollywood curated by Gaurang Doshi and Niti Agarwal

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 18: Phoenixx Artists: Your Gateway to Stardom in Bollywood and Hollywood, Crafted by Gaurang Doshi and Niti Agarwal

Phoenixx Artists, a subscription-based platform where dreams take flight.

A Spectacle of Splendor: The Grand Unveiling of Phoenixx Artists at The Theatre in Dubai by Gaurang Doshi and Niti Agarwal.

A new dawn rises in the world of entertainment as Gaurang Doshi, Bollywood’s acclaimed director and producer, teamed up with Niti Agarwal, the owner of TTF Productions to unveil their magnum opus – ”Phoenixx Artists”.

Phoenixx Artists, a subscription-based platform, represents a paradigm shift, offering a celestial pathway for both budding talents and seasoned virtuosos to manifest their aspirations within the entertainment cosmos. From the realms of acting to the symphony of songwriting, from the canvas of cinematography and direction to the tapestry of modelling, designing, and singing Phoenixx Artists beckons, promising to be the launch pad to success and stardom.

Whether your ambitions lie in the vibrant landscapes of Bollywood or the glimmering avenues of Hollywood, Phoenixx Artists stands as the gateway to your journey towards success and stardom. With seamless accessibility through its web portal and mobile app, it beckons you to embark on your odyssey into the realms of entertainment. One can enquire about their choice of artist on the application itself without going through the hassle of a third party.

Phoenixx Artists” serve as a beacon of financial empowerment, addressing the common obstacle that often impedes one’s career trajectory. Within the application’s embrace, every participant becomes an integral member of the Phoenixx family—protected, nurtured, and equipped with the resources needed to thrive.

Phoenixx Artists proudly partners with Dr. Bassem, a renowned plastic and aesthetic surgeon and Forbes Award winner from the UAE. Together, we offer exclusive opportunities for talents to enhance their on-screen presence and elevate their visual appeal.

Fueling the vision and craftsmanship behind the Phoenixx Artists web portal and mobile app is a collaborative endeavour led by Gaurang Doshi, Niti Agarwal, and Gaurav Rai alongside the talented team at Maisha Infotech. Together, they weave the threads of innovation and creativity, shaping a platform destined to redefine the landscape of the entertainment industry.

The Phoenixx Artists platform boasts a constellation of innovative features designed to empower and inspire: Explore Videos: For you & Following, Explore the page to check trending hashtags and videos, Like, comment, share, download videos, Search for posts and users, Explore videos by hashtags, Create and scan QR codes of profiles, Notifications, Manage user profile, Privacy setting, Coin wallet, Create videos on sounds, Create videos on the same sound of other video, Post your videos from gallery, Works with  storage vault, for faster video loading, Place Redeem Requests, Purchase coins, Send coins to other users, See videos by sounds.

The Theater at Fairmont Hotel Dubai bore witness to an extravaganza of unparalleled grandeur as Phoenixx Artists was unveiled amidst a constellation of stars. Among them, the luminous Abbas-Mustan graced the stage, setting hearts ablaze with their infectious enthusiasm. The event shimmered with the presence of esteemed dignitaries, business magnates, and celebrities from both UAE and India, including the illustrious Mr. Mahesh Chaturvedi and Mr. Madhu Bhandari, whose unwavering support has illuminated the path for this transformative initiative.

Gaurang Doshi, Founder and the driving force behind PhoenixxArtists, shared his vision with infectious zeal “We’re tearing down barriers,” he declared. “No more struggling in the shadows. With Phoenixx Artists, talent speaks louder than connections, offering a fair chance to every aspiring artist to shine brightly”.

Expanding on that, Doshi added “For all the hopeful artists out there dreaming of making it big in the exciting world of entertainment, Phoenixx Artists is a real game-changer. It’s your direct ticket to the spotlight. With our deep roots and legacy in Bollywood and entertainment for over three generations, we understand the industry inside out. We promise to change things for the better. Your background won’t hold you back anymore; your talent will be what truly matters. We’re here to make things fair and help you succeed”.

Niti Agarwal, Director of Phoenixx Artists, passionately expressed “Phoenixx is more than just a platform; it’s a symbol of hope for aspiring talents in the digital era. We’re here to offer genuine opportunities for stardom. Our holistic approach not only recruits candidates for future projects but also connects them with other industry players through the app, providing abundant casting opportunities. We scout fresh faces and provide comprehensive grooming sessions for those we handpick, eliminating worries about fees or practice sessions. We handle the training, and introductions, and ensure they’re fully equipped to make their mark”.

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