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Hafele’s Architectural Lights

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], May 14: Hafele’s Loox Range has been meeting the demands for lighting in furniture as well as the growing needs for networking and digitalization since the last 10 years. The solutions offered within this range maximise simplicity and flexibility as well as assure high reliability. The range presents itself as a unique combination of elegant design and state-of-the-art technology making it the perfect choice for any home furniture application; be it Task Lighting for Kitchen cabinets and plinths, Decorative Lighting for Living Room Showcases, Mood Lighting for Bedroom Applications or pure Functional Lighting in Wardrobes.

With the ever-increasing demands for quality and specialised lighting solutions not just for furniture but also for rooms, Hafele in 2019, expanded its range offering to include ceiling cove lighting which incorporates our high-quality strip lights. It was during this period that we realized that among the numerous ceiling light types available in the market, interior architectural lighting had a huge demand, however there weren’t many prominent brands that offered these solutions. On one side, there existed local market players that offered these solutions without effective quality assurances, while on the other there were international brands that only catered to projects with no stable price offering or service support. This left majority of the customers without a viable choice in the market.

Identifying this distinct gap early on as an opportunity, Hafele initiated the research and engineering for a range of lights that enhances the design of architectural spaces as well as provides opportunities of achieving different illumination techniques and functionalities. As a brand, Hafele understands design and is known for its bend towards innovation. It also understands the importance of home ergonomics, lifestyle conveniences and ease of mobility within your surroundings. Our efforts towards this exercise led to the development of a versatile range of architectural lights; Hafele Architectural Lights was brought into existence.    

With Hafele’s New Architectural Lighting Range you will find all your lighting needs taken care of. Whether it is lighting up a small area, highlighting a wall texture, emphasizing on a work of art, illuminating the floor space at night, or simply ensuring even distribution of light across the entire space – these lights have got you covered. The range, consisting of 9 series, covers various applications, installation techniques and design themes.

Each series comes with a comprehensive offering of the different types of interior lights, be it downlights, spotlight, or wall washers, which allows you to implement a consistent design theme (in terms of the lighting fixtures) across the space available, even with differentiated illumination techniques. The biggest advantage this range carries is the absolutely low Unified Glare Rating (UGR). The lower the UGR rating, the lower the glare from the light fittings which therefore results in comfortable illumination in your living spaces. 

The convenient plug-and-play assembly, impressive product specifications, flexibility in ordering components, luminaire finishes, and availability of glare reduction accessories provide an overall customized option tailored to your specific requirements. Engineered on the same philosophy of ‘easiness’ and ‘flexibility’ as the Loox furniture lighting system, Hafele can now be your holistic, lighting solutions provider, delivering premium ambient, task and accent lighting for your living spaces. 

Architectural Lights Delft series by Hafele

Oxford Series:

The Oxford series, designed on the concept of modularization, delivers flexibility and a variety of options for the customer to choose from. Right from the type of application to output options, choice of beam angles and colour temperatures to shape, finish, mounting and housing type and glare reduction accessories, every minute detail of an Oxford luminaire can be customized as per your individual requirement. 

Be it a spotlight, downlight or wall washer, the minimalist design theme of the series remains seamless and consistent across. The inherent deep baffle design and a low UGR (Unified Glare Rating) help enhance the visual clarity and provide comfortable aesthetics in the living spaces.     

Delft Series:

Recent preferences among architects in the industry have evolved more in favour of having compact, minimal light fixtures that do not interfere with the overall design theme. Additionally, there is a strong inclination towards installing fewer luminaires that cover a significant portion of the ceiling space and illuminate a given area effectively. The Delft series of architectural lights was developed to cater to higher illumination in the downlight and spotlight series with its small and exquisite design. 

Available in two colours, black and white, the Delft series is best suitable for dining rooms, hotel rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and display areas with its deep baffle design which equally distributes the light toward the center. With the help of a simple plug-and-play concept, the luminaires from the Delft Series have an entirely tool-free installation.

Imperial Series:

Porches, balconies, and bathrooms necessitate special considerations and extra planning when it comes to lighting because of the stark difference in their environmental conditions when compared to other indoor spaces. The Imperial Architectural Lights by Hafele are the best choice for meeting the illumination needs of such spaces.

These luminaires with a small design build and effortless aesthetics, come with an anti-glare feature that helps create a soft, soothing light effect for additional comfort. Owing to their high IP65 Rating, the Imperial lights are best suited for areas that are continually exposed to dusty or humid environments. When in contact with dust, dirt, and debris, the high IP rating of the lights provides a great degree of protection and keeps the fixtures from getting damaged.

McGill Series:

In corridors and along the stairways, floor washers are used to not only illuminate the surroundings but also to create soft lighting effects that subtly enhance the floor textures. Hafele’s McGill Luminaires wash light evenly across the floor while their concealed light source and minimal build enhance the aesthetics of the interior space.

These luminaires provide a glare-free illumination in areas with limited brightness and help avoid injuries or tripping especially in places where there are changes in the elevations. With an easy plug-and-play concept, installation of these lights is easy and entirely tool-free.

Explore the different illumination and design possibilities of Hafele’s New Range of Architectural Lights at the Hafele Booth this ACETECH. Come Reimagine easiness, convenience, flexibility, and innovation while you draw many ideas and inspirations from our real-life product displays.

Stanford Series:

Designed on the concept of modularization, Hafele’s Stanford series offers you customization options like never before. The ordering process involves selecting the type of Light Engine, Baffle and Mounting Bracket, enabling the series to offer 42 different luminaire combinations. Selections in terms of wattage, beam angle, tilt angle and shape give you unmatched possibilities in ensuring a unified look for your interiors.

The 7 trendy baffle colour options provide creative flexibility for incorporating elegant pops of colour that effortlessly highlight your ceiling or provide a seamless look that immaculately blends with your interior design. The luminaires from the Stanford Series are suitable for use as spotlights and downlights. They have a low UGR (Unified Glare Rating) which enhances the visual clarity and provides comfortable aesthetics in the living spaces. With easy installation and wide customization options, the Stanford series is your ideal solution for contemporary aesthetics.

Princeton Series:

Wall washing is a special and unique effect that illuminates a vertical surface with flawless and even brightness. It is the element that draws attention to your textured wall, wall display, entrance or fireplace and makes it noticeable. The light fittings that deliver such effects not only need to produce a high quality light output but also need to be technically efficient. It can therefore safely be said that achieving such a light effect and accurately installing a wall-washer is indeed an art and having a trusted brand deliver it quite rare.

The Princeton series by Hafele brings you the perfect solution. The wall washers from this series give you a consistent wall illumination which reduces the effects of irregularities on the wall, provide smooth light transitions from ceiling to the wall, and an effortless gradient from the top to the bottom, presenting your wall with the elegance it deserves. The luminaires from the Princeton series are made of Aluminium and are available in two colours – white and black. These are suitable for use in indoor applications like hotel lobbies, high-end residential apartments, offices etc.

Cambridge Series:

Creating appealing interiors requires a combination of both, a well focused light highlighting specific areas or places of interest and a well spread out light illuminating other areas. This demands luminaires which offer visual precision by giving a precisely focused beam and those which offer a wider beam by giving an even light distribution. It thus becomes critical to carefully select the perfect downlight and spotlight that does justice to your interiors.

The Cambridge series downlights and spotlights offer this visual appeal and functionality by giving a focused beam of light with the pinhole variant and a more spread out beam using the cone variant. These luminaires have a lower unified glare rating (UGR) which enhances the visual experience. Hafele’s Cambridge series is a sleek and modern lighting solution that can be used for general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting, offering enhanced aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency for both residential and commercial spaces giving you a well-illuminated and visually appealing environment.

Edinburgh Series:

Harmony in interior design is achieved by using colours that go well with each other. The element that further enhances this harmony is a lighting range that fulfills all of your interior lighting needs with a uniform luminaire design. The Edinburgh series from Hafele’s Architectural Lights range makes your interior design complete by offering light fixtures with a similar design that can be used for true ceiling as well as false ceiling installations.

Drivers already built into the luminaires increase the ease of installation, whereas multiple design options like recess mounted lights with multiple application possibilities that go into false ceiling, surface mounted lights with swivel motion and suspended lights that go on true ceiling give you the freedom of installation. Offering a low UGR, the light output of this series gives you a comfortable visual experience. These luminaires, available in natural white, warm white and cool white light colours, along with baffle colour options of black, white, and bronze, are the perfect solution for creating the ultimate harmony in your interiors.

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