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On world drug day, youth who are recovering from drug addiction, shared their harrowing stories

For the first time, Youth Nation organized such an event to raise awareness among youths to stay away from drug addiction.

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 26: In Surat, the Youth Nation organization, active for the last decade, has been actively trying to combat the abuse of drugs and to protect youth wealth from destruction. The organization has been making efforts to raise awareness among youths by bringing those who have become addicted to drugs to the forefront before society, alerting both the public and especially the youth to the dangers of addiction. This initiative was launched on World Drug Day for the first time.

Founder of Youth Nation, Veekas Doshi, organized a press conference today on World Drug Day in Surat, where several youths were brought before the media. These youths had once been trapped in the clutches of drugs but are now striving to break free from this addiction. They bravely recounted how they had fallen prey to drug addiction at one point and the terrible toll it took on their lives. The youths also shared how their parents and friends supported them and helped them break free from drug addiction.

Veekas Doshi highlighted that this type of event, holding a press conference for the first time in the country to raise awareness among youths against drug addiction, was significant. It was emphasized that the press conference was chosen to be held at an open place and in VR Surat due to its popularity where a large number of people gather in the evening, enabling them to understand how drug addiction can destroy individuals and raise awareness about drugs. Along with this, for entertainment, guitar players and singers were also present among the people.

Veekas Doshi further highlighted that when even his friends became entangled in drug addiction and struggled to recover from the difficulties it posed, Youth Nation came into existence. For the past ten years, the Youth Nation organization has been actively working to raise awareness among the public, especially youth, about staying away from the clutches of drugs. The organization conducts various awareness programs such as rallies, carnivals, and other awareness events. Additionally, efforts are made to educate youths in schools and colleges where large numbers of youth are present, aiming to raise awareness about drugs.


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